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Sitting on the Job

omrning meeting at homeAs the pandemic continues, we find ourselves spending more time inside. Gyms are closing their doors again and indoor dining at our favorite restaurant has been put on hold. Spending hours sitting in front of the TV has become the national pastime.

For those fortunate enough to have a job, companies are encouraging employees to work from home. While most appreciate losing the morning commute, few have a dedicated home workspace.

As many of us are learning, spending eight hours a day with your laptop on the dining room table, or balancing it on your lap while sitting on the couch, is a recipe for pain!

How Sitting Affects Your Body

Patients, young and old, complain about the hours on end spent sitting. Our bodies are not statues; we’re meant to move! Sitting for long periods of time can strain your body, causing stress. Poor posture and decreased productivity may occur as a result.

Physical issues include carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strain, digestive problems, headaches, back, shoulder, neck pain and others.

What Can We Do to Minimize the Damage?

Work from home recommendations include:

  • Set up an appropriate workstation
  • Change position every 20-30 minutes
  • Stop slouching; sit up straight!
  • Regular exercise
  • Change your workstation layout on a regular basis

Chiropractic Can Help

When you come in for a visit, the doctor will go over your concerns in detail. If services are necessary, we will discuss an appropriate care plan.

Proper ergonomics and workstation setup can also be addressed. The doctor will check for any indications that might signal a breakdown in the body. Are the elbows bent? Are the wrists flexed repeatedly? Is your chair correctly positioned in regard to the workstation?

Patients are asked to bring in pictures of their workstation setup. A needs analysis of your work area will be provided, along with suggestions for improvement.

Ready to Stand Up to the Pain?

Take advantage of our free consultation and walk away from your pain. Tell your friends and neighbors how they too can get moving pain-free. Sitting on the job doesn’t have to hurt. Contact us today for a visit!

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